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Manny Hirschel

2014 - Mark Renz

Area 2B's Manny Hirschel recipient is a long time volunteer, dating back to 1997. He began his illustrious career as an assistant coach for his children's teams, soon graduating to a full fledged team coach.


Not long after becoming a coach that he entertained the idea of becoming a referee. This eventually led to becoming the Regional Referee Administrator in '02 and then he was well on his way to becoming a National Referee, which he attained in 2008. The next step in this progression was to become a Referee Instructor, which he did.


In January 2012, he officially became my Area Referee Administrator.


As his Area Director, I have watched as he has taken on more and more responsibilities. He has made it a point to go out and visit each Region personally and introduce himself to the RRA's and local referees. He is responsive to the needs of the individual regions and is willing to conduct clinics in their regions.


Beyond his referee administrator duties, he has volunteered to become our U16/19 Area facilitator working closely with our neighbors to the south, Area N. That alone is a time consuming job including attending many more meetings, soothing local coaches ruffled feathers and dealing with Red cards, complaints and more.


This is the extra work that has put him over the top of the rest of Manny Hirschel nominations, though all were deserving of this honor.


He is long overdue for this prestigious recognition of the Manny Hirschel Award. I would like to present Area 2 B's current finest Referee Administrator, MARK RENZ.