About the Manny Hirschel Award

What is the Manny Hirschel Award and How Does One Get Nominated?


The award was named after Manny Hirschel and first given to him at SAGM in 2000 with the plan to give it out in subsequent years to other worthy members of AYSO. Manny has given many years of unselfish leadership, knowledge, commitment, and effort to the betterment of AYSO, at many levels, and to its players having safe, fun, and fair experiences. Their actions epitomize the values and philosophy of AYSO.


The Manny Hirschel Award recognizes sustained, distinguished, and superb achievement in serving the volunteers and customers in Area 2B, and outreach to the Regions for contributions made to the improvement of the quality of our AYSO program. The Manny Hirschel Award committee considers long-term achievements, special projects having extraordinary impact, and collaborative efforts. The creativity, impact, and superb nature of Manny Hirschel awardees’ achievements are of a magnitude that greatly exceeds the normal accomplishments of a productive Area 2B volunteer.


Nominations can be submitted by all Area board members and staff directly to the Area Director by November 10th of each year. The annual recipient of the Manny Hirschel Award will be selected from the submitted nominees by the Area Director and any designees of the Area Director for this purpose.