Manny Hirschel Award 2012 - Steve Chinn

Steve’s AYSO career started in 2000 when there were no referees to ref his son’s games in the under-8 age division. Not the type to sit and wait for something to happen, he picked up the whistle and proceeded to referee just about every game his son played that year. He eventually got trained and certified as a Regional Referee and is currently an Advanced Referee.

Starting in 2001, he has been coaching both his son and daughter all the way from the under-8 age division up to the under-19 age division and currently is an Advanced Coach.

Steve’s current regional roles include being the Co-Regional Commissioner, a coordinator for the under 16/19 years old division, under-19 girls coach, field manager - opening up the fields at 7:00AM and closing them down at 9:00PM, equipment/storage room manager, coach instructor, and working on becoming a referee instructor. Trained in multiple regional board roles, including Safety Director and Child Volunteer Protection Advocate, he has been responsible for mentoring new board members and division coordinators.

In the 2011 season, Steve’s region had the largest growth of number of players in Area 2B.

At the Area level, Steve has been the scheduler and scorekeeper for the under-12/under-14 league and end of season tournament for the past three years. As a management instructor, he has been involved in training other volunteers to assume various management roles. Steve has enjoyed the operational side of the program and being in the background to make sure things are running well. “Being involved with AYSO has been as much fun for me, as the family,” says Steve, “Don’t wait to get involved!”