Manny Hirschel Award 2011 - Ted Marsh

Most AYSO volunteers start out locally in their regions, never realizing how quickly they can be caught up in the philosophy of AYSO, their love of the game of soccer and the great learning experience AYSO provides children. This year's winner jumped right in!

As the local AYSO organization's Area 2-B representative, Marsh began his 15 years of AYSO service in 1995. His involvement continues and here are a few of the highlights:
At the regional level his first step was as a coach for his young son. Soon he was drawn to the best view of the game: he became a referee. Then, while still remaining in the background, he started helping his regional board and eventually became the RRA in 2004. There he managed to increase the referee crew fourfold while encouraging them to progress from Regional to Intermediate Referees. Through this effort his region has the largest percentage of Intermediate referees in Area 2-B. In 2009 he jumped at the chance to become the Regional Assessor and Area 2-B Assessor—all at the same time.
At the Area level he willingly helps wherever needed—as a referee instructor, an assessor, and mentor and, of course, a referee. He has always supported the efforts and ventures within all regions of Area 2-B.
At the Section 2 level our award winner has helped for several years with Referee Instruction at Golden Gate Camp and he instructs at Section conferences—all this while attending other classes to help him grow as an AYSO volunteer.

With the humble beginning as a Under-10 coach, his list of credentials now include National Referee, Intermediate Coach, Advance Referee Instructor, Referee Instructor Evaluator, Assessor and soon to be National Assessor.