Manny Hirschel Award 2013 - Robert Casco

Robert is a long time volunteer with 25 years of dedication to AYSO.

Robert started coaching his children in 1991, joined the Regional Board in 1995 and has been on the Area Board since 2004. Along the way he ventured over to the "referee side" as well. He has collected a broad spectrum of certifications, including Advanced Coach in 1993, Advanced Referee in 1998 and Advanced Instructor in 2002. By our estimate he has coached or been the referee for over 1,000 kids and has trained over 100 coaches.

His Area Director trusts him implicitly. Seeking his advice, requesting his opinions and asked him to help through critical personnel issues. For example, going to different Regions in our Area to observe and mentor coaches that have exhibited behavioral problems on the field. He has attended several critical planning meetings and volunteered to assist on many occasions, including the start up of EXTRA in our Area and helping with the training of coaches in our new Sebastopol region.

Besides being an asset to the Area, he also keeps us working closely with our neighboring Areas. Coaching clinics are scheduled in cooperation with Area N, so that we don't overlap each other. He recruits instructors from our neighboring Regions and Areas to help instruct Area 2B's Intermediate Coach Clinics and in turn helps instruct in their Area Intermediate and Advanced coaching clinics.