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Volunteer Prerequisites
Upcoming training and clinics.

Visit www.eayso.org for all courses posted and  AYSO.org for online training and webinars.

We would appreciate if you register in eAYSO or contact the Instructor ahead of time as there may be pre-class handouts, instructions for what to bring to class, etc.for a course.
Also, a class/course may be canceled  if we have no indication of interest or enrollment.
For companion class to Online Referee training (The Field Portion) , please contact Instructor ahead of time.
Bring a printout of your certificate of completion of Online Basic Referee Training,
eAYSO training nearby

(contact information has deliberately been left off for privacy in public)


Course nameRoster #S/A/RCityStateStart date Contact name
U-8-to-Basic Referee Upgrade Course2014022792/A/0045Mountain ViewCA09/14/14Wiseman, Benjamin
U-10 Field Session Only2014050572/B/0145MillbraeCA09/14/14Skyriotis, Louis
Basic Referee Online Companion Course2014011982/N/0063BurlingameCA09/14/14Sandor, Rick
U-8 Official2014022782/A/0045Mountain ViewCA09/14/14Wiseman, Benjamin
U-12 Coach2014051472/N/0063BurlingameCA09/16/14Evans, William


Course nameRoster #S/A/RCityStateStart dateContact name
U-8 Official2014016532/N/0107San CarlosCA09/16/14Hopp, James
U-8 Official2014013202/B/0145MillbraeCA09/16/14Lam, Sherman
Basic Referee Course2014033242/J/0064San JoseCA09/18/14Roxlo, Charles
U-10 Coach2014051432/N/0001Redwood CityCA09/21/14Manchia, Roberto
U-12 Coach2014050482/J/0027SaratogaCA09/21/14Hovey, Gary
U-8 Coach2014051422/N/0001Redwood CityCA09/21/14Manchia, Roberto
U-12 Coach2014051442/N/0001Redwood EstCA09/21/14Manchia, Roberto
Basic Referee Course2014050152/F/0316Mammoth LakesCA09/22/14McBride, Kristin
Intermediate Referee Course2014047592/J/0035CupertinoCA09/28/14Bhagat, Mahesh
Intermediate Referee Course2014050162/F/0316Mammoth LakesCA09/29/14McBride, Kristin


Course nameRoster #S/A/RCityStateStart dateContact name
Intermediate Referee Course2014030142/A/0026Palo AltoCA10/10/14Ivey, James
Intermediate Referee Course2014049742/CConcordCA10/14/14Harmenzon, Paul





Other Coach Clinics