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Area 2B Tournament

Area 2B Tournament

The 2016 Area 2B tournament was held on December 3rd and 4th. Teams in the U12 and U14 divisions qualified for the tournament based on their regular season records plus any adjustments according to the Area 2B League Rules & Regulations. Teams in the U10 division were selected by their regions using criteria established by each region.


Area 2B Champions (2016)

U14 Boys - Daly City (DC Black Thunder - Mendez)
U14 Girls - Pacifica (Flaming Hot Cheetos - Scobie)
U12 Boys - Millbrae (Nutmeg - Johnson)
U12 Girls - Millbrae (Los Diablos - Lim)
U10 Boys - Daly City (DC Giants - Ferreira)
U10 Girls - San Bruno (Neon Strikers - Curtner)

Area U10 - U14 Tournament Rules & Regs 2016: Click Here

Area U10 - U14 Tournament Schedules: U10B/U10G   U12B   U12G   U14B/G

Area U10 - U14 Tournament Results from Sunday (updated 12/4 @ 7:15pm): U10B/U10G  U12B/U12G  U14B/U14G

The tournament was held at several locations in the region. Maps to the fields can be found here: Area Fields

Teams Qualifying for the 2016 Area 2B Tournament

U14 Boys
U14 Girls
U12 Boys 
ML U14B-1 DiOro
ML U14B-3 Wong
DC U14B-2 Mendez
PA U14B-1 Garubba
ML U14G-2 Mauro
PA U14G-3 Scobie
DC U14G-1 Velez
PA U14G-1 DeNoia
SB U12B-5 Gwinn
PA U12B-7 Zuromski
ML U12B-3 Johnson
ML U12B-4 Coffaro
ML U12B-5 Marano
SB U12B-1 Santamaria
ML U12B-1 Desai
PA U12B-4 Leark 
ML U12G-1 DiOro
ML U12G-4 Lim
DC U12G-3 Anariba
PA U12G-3 Vogan
SB U12G-1 Hart
SB U12G-4 Coonrod
SB U12G-2 Muldowney
ML U12G-2 Acosta
U10 Boys
U10 Girls 
Brisbane Panthers (BR)
DC Giants (DC)
Water Dragons (ML)
Red Bulls (SB)
Purple Pandas (BR)
Purple Panthers (DC)
Blue Waves (ML)
Neon Strikers (SB)

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