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Area 2B Tournament

Area 2B End of Season Invitational Tournament

The 2022 Area 2B invitational tournament will be held at the end of the fall season in late November or early December. Teams in the 12U and 14U divisions will be invited to participate in the tournament based on their regular season records plus any adjustments according to the Area 2B League Rules & Regulations. Teams in the 10U division will be selected by their regions using criteria established by each region.


Area 2B Tournament Champions 2021

14UB Champion - MIL 14UB-03 Russian Federation (Potter)
14UG Champion - MIL 14UG-02 Las Rosas (Ponce)
12UB Champion - MIL 12UB-05 Red Panthers (McWilliam)
12UG Champion - SB 12UG-01 Purple Pirahnas (Hammad)
10UB Champion - MIL Wolf Pack
10UG Champion - SB PandaMonium

Area 2B Tournament 2021

Area 10U, 12U, 14U Tournament Rules & Regs 2021 (updated 11/16):  areatournamentrules2021.pdf

Area 10U, 12U, 14U Tournament Schedules 2021

14UB/G - Capuchino HS
12UB - Gellert
12UG - Gellert
10UB - Upper Crestmoor
10UG - Upper Crestmoor

The tournament will be held at several locations in the region.

Maps to the fields can be found here: Area Fields

14UB/G - Crestmoor
12UB - Gellert Field  'A'  (closest to parking lot)
12UG - Gellert Field 'B' (furthest from parking lot)
10UB - Upper Crestmoor Field 'C'
10UG - Upper Crestmoor Field 'D'

Teams Invited to the 2021 Area 2B Tournament

14U Boys

14U Girls

12U Boys

12U Girls

Millbrae 14UB-02 (Post)
Pacifica 14UB-02 (Ryall)
Millbrae 14UB-03 (Potter)
Millbrae14UB-01 (Bertino)
Millbrae 14UG-02 (Ponce)
Millbrae 14UG-01 (Joung)
San Bruno 14UG-01 (Altán)
Pacifica 14UG-01

Millbrae 12UB-01 (Archini)
Millbrae 12UB-02 (Davallou)
Millbrae 12UB-05 (McWilliam)
Millbrae 12UB-02 (Caldwell)
Millbrae 12UB-03 (Chau)
Brisbane 12UB-02 (Coriano)
Brisbane 12UB-01 (Schaffer)
Pacifica 12UB-01 (Marymont)
Millbrae 12UG-02 (He)
Pacifica 12UG-04 (Russitano)
San Bruno 12UG-01 (Hammad)
San Bruno 12UG-02 (Berliner)
Millbrae 12UG-03 (Ramos)
Millbrae 12UG-01 (Bourdet)
Brisbane 12UG-01 (Larson)
Pacifica 12UG-01 (Pineda)

10U Boys

10U Girls

Brisbane (Green Berets)
Daly City
Millbrae #1 (Wolf Pack)
Millbrae #2
      (Green Rattlesnakes)
San Bruno

Brisbane #1 (Red Rubies)
Brisbane #2
        (Turquoise Dolphins)
Daly City
Millbrae (Purple Pandas)
San Bruno


Area 2B Tournament Champions 2019

14UB Champion - BR 14UB-02 Gomez / 14UG Champion - MIL 14UG-01 Acosta
12UB Champion - SB 12UB-03 Alas / 12UG Champion - SB 12UG-03 Cunningham
10UB Champion - MIL Crazy Llamas / 10UG Champion - DC Neon Wolves

Area 2B Tournament Champions 2018
14U Boys - San Bruno 14UB-01 Castro 14U Girls - Millbrae 14UG-02 Mauro
12U Boys - Pacifica 12UB-02 Ryall 12U Girls - Millbrae 12UG-04 (Foy)
10UB/G (B) - Millbrae Strikers (G) - San Bruno Blue Unicorns

Area 2B Tournament Champions 2017

14U Boys - Millbrae 14UB-02 (Desai) 14U Girls - Pacifica 14UG-02 (DeNoia)
12U Boys - Brisbane 12UB-01 (Gomez) 12U Girls - Millbrae 12UG-03 (Mauro)
10U Boys - San Bruno (Cobras)  10U Girls - San Bruno (Neon Nightmares)

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